Updated January 2016

Members of the Pitman Governing Body do not maintain offices in Borough Hall, so therefore do not have business phones or voice mailboxes.  Interested parties may contact them directly through their Borough emails below, or may call the Borough Administrator at 856-589-3522 for assistance.

Mayor Michael L. Razze, Jr.


Term Expires 12/31/2023

Email: Michael.Razze@Pitman.Org

Council President Paul Blass


Term Expires: 12/31/2021

Email: Paul.Blass@Pitman.Org

Liaison: Public Works, Economic Development, Historic Preservation, Green Team

Alternate Liaison: Finance & Audit, Personnel, Welfare Office, Clean Communities Coordinator, Municipal Alliance

Councilman Matthew Weng


Term Expires: 12/31/2020

Email: Matthew.Weng@Pitman.Org

Liaison: Public Safety Office, Public Safety Committee, Office of Emergency Management and Fire, Board of Fire Engineers, Local Emergency Planning Committee

Alternate Liaison:  Construction Office, Board of Health, Combined Planning & Zoning Board, Environmental Commission, Historic Preservation, Green Team  

Councilwoman Amy Rudley


Term Expires: 12/31/2021

Email: Amy.Rudley@Pitman.org

Liaison: Parks & Recreation, Environmental Commission, Public Events, Senior Outreach

Alternate Liaison: Public Safety Office, Emergency Management & Fire, Board of Fire Engineers, Local Emergency Planning, Public Safety Committee, Economic Development

Councilwoman Vanessa James


Term Expires: 12/31/2022

Email: Vanessa.James@Pitman.org

Liaison: Finance & Audit, Personnel, Welfare Office, Library Board, Chamber of Commerce, Municipal Alliance

Alternate Liaison: Parks & Recreation, Public Property, Memorabilia Committee

Councilman Adam Mazzola
Term Expires: 12/31/2020
Liaison: Public Property, Memorabilia Committee, Clean Communities, Board of Education 
Alternate Liaison:  Public Works, Chamber of Commerce

Councilman John Fitzpatrick
Term Expires  12/31/2022
Liaison:  Construction Office, Board of Health, Combined Planning & Zoning Board
Alternate Liaison:  Library Board, Public Events, Board of Education