Below are some links to information for our seniors such as online games, web tours and other entertainment.

- NJ Health Department:   Link to NJ Health/211 – residents who have concerns about Covid-19 may call 211 to get information.

​- Online Museum tours (Click Here)

​- AARP Online games (Click Here)

​- Online National Park tours (Click Here)

​- Monterey Bay Aquarium tour (Click Here)

​- More Museums and Sporting Venues (Click Here)

​Here are two links to the National Institute on Aging with information about exercise; as well as, workout videos for seniors

​- How exercise helps (Click Here)

- Workout videos (Click Here)

​A link to NPR featuring a live orchestra from the Berklee College of Music singing “Love Sweet Love” (Click Here)

​Online Jigsaw Puzzles (Click Here)

​The Library of Congress digital collections (Click Here)

Senior Outreach Committee


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