Borough of Pitman, NJ

Emergency Management Announcement!



The Office of Emergency Management wants to remind our Citizens that as Spring and Summer approach, so does the potential for sever weather and other types of disasters. We ask everyone to connect to FEMA.READY.Gov on the link below, to receive alerts and obtain important information on how to keep your family safe. This site has information for the public on all types of Natural and Man Made disaster that will help you protect your home and family. Please browse the pages and prepare your emergency plan for your family.

We would also like to remind the public that Pitman's Office of Emergency Management utilizes the fire sirens as a mechanism to alert the public to the potential of a tornado or other sever weather conditions near Pitman. If you hear the siren making a long blast for three minutes it indicates a tornado in our area and you should take cover in the lowest level of your home. "

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James Foley


Office of Emergency Management