Borough of Pitman, NJ

Pet License Information

Pet License policy during pandemic

During these trying times you may still register your pet with the Borough by  dropping off all Owner/Pet information and required payment in the lockbox in the lobby.  We will mail back license and paperwork.  See below for all necessary information needed to register your pet.  Any questions please call 856-589-3522.

owner/pet information

  • Current copy of rabies certificate from your veterinarian
  • Owner's name, address, phone number
  • Pet's name, breed, color, size, age, sex, and if he/she is neutered or spayed

  • Dog                    non/neutered spayed         $12.00
                                              neutered/spayed                  $9.00

  • Cat                      non/neutered spayed        $8.00
                                               neutered/spayed                  $5.00