Borough of Pitman, NJ

Office of Emergency Management

As part of the on-going update of the Gloucester County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, a Preliminary Municipal Appendix is available for review that addresses natural hazard mitigation issues for our community. The Preliminary Municipal Appendix can be downloaded from by clicking on "Gloucester County" and then clicking on "Borough of Pitman". Comments can be submitted via the "Contact Us" page on the website. However, please note that comments must be submitted no later than Wednesday, December 17, 2014.

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The Office of Emergency Management wants to remind our Citizens that as Spring and Summer approach, so does the potential for sever weather and other types of disasters. We ask everyone to connect to FEMA.READY.Gov on the link below, to receive alerts and obtain important information on how to keep your family safe. This site has information for the public on all types of Natural and Man Made disaster that will help you protect your home and family. Please browse the pages and prepare your emergency plan for your family.

What to do if sirens are activated

Pitman's siren system is multi-functional.  You mostly will hear the sirens indicating to our volunteer firefighters that there is a fire call. In extremely hazardous weather such as tornados which are heading towards Pitman or ARE in Pitman, the Office of Emergency Management will activate the take cover or tornado function.

FIRE SIREN: 4 short  on / off cycles, notifies firefighters of calls to service.

TORNADO SIREN: 1 single FOUR MINUTE activation of the siren. The siren will stay on for four minutes and then will shut off.

If you hear the TORNADO SIREN while you are outside, please go inside and seek shelter immediately in a basement or interior-most portion of your home or building.
Refer to a television, radio station, or your cellphone alerts for further instructions. 

Please do not call 911 for severe weather information. Call 911 only to report life-threatening situations.


Michael P. Mollet
Office of Emergency Management
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