Borough of Pitman, NJ


Fall Programs

This is an overview of our Fall programs

bc837430b3b2abf93337d681cdf558132020 Micro Mini Soccer

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Our micro mini soccer program is for 5-7 year old boys and girls.  We emphasize a 4 vs. 4 format for more touches, as well as a focus on all fundamentals of the game.  Get your child started off on the right or left foot now!Click for game schedule!

4b97c32b6b4e6389fd5f24b8c6a54ef52018 Youth Field Hockey 2nd - 5th grade (POSTPONED!)

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Join us every Monday starting September 18, at The Dell field, for 5 weeks of skill-based instruction. Each session is designed to build confidence and love for the sport.

709ded07ef7202827f191cda8fa898f42020 Middle School Field Hockey Camp

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The Pitman Recreation Middle school field hockey program is offering a two week camp focusing on development through drills and games.  The first week will be focused on fundamentals and skill work.  Week two will be positioning and gameplay.  

6254e281bc5227d6693991ebceb8b3152018 Recreation Youth Flag Football (POSTPONED!)

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To provide kids with an opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of football without the contact and collision of the regular game. Competitive fun play will be balanced with an emphasis on sportsmanship and teamwork.

e169207bbb21490310d95eb66b1625a4"Open Gym" basketball program

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This basketball program is for 3rd - 8th grade boys/girls.  It is a laid-back atmosphere, allowing kids to shoot, dribble and play at there own pace.  Instruction is given but not the major focus.

3ddd9ce9f53672c392ed3b9fae8f5facHealthy Kids Running Program 
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66c2a246e878a30b775e1485837786c5Back to School Boot Camp

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Class will focus on a variety of cardiovascular intervals of speed and agility, plyometrics drills, bodyweight strength training exercises and essential stretch/recovery methods while incorporating a few basic yoga postures. The mission of this program is to improve overall level of fitness while encouraging active, healthier lifestyles amongst our youth.