Borough of Pitman, NJ

Youth Week 2022

Youth week events 2022

  May 1st - 6th

Sunday, May 1 - 7pm
Borough Council...Borough Hall
Youth council Members Presiding

Monday, May 2 - 5pm to 9pm
Speedball Tournament (middle school/high school kids)
(High school gym)

Tuesday, May 3
"Two of a Kind" entertainment
10:30 am
Ballard park mcCowan library (pre-k)
Scavenger Hunt (All ages)
5pm to 6pm
(Scavenger hunt clues release today!)
click Here to sign up!
Trivia Tournament (High School kids)
7pm to 9pm
High School Cafeteria

Wednesday, May 4 - 6pm to 8pm
pop-up park
(in ballard park)

Thursday, may 5 
youth track and field meet 
(high school track)
selected 2nd-5th graders
Middle School Open Mic
Words Matter bookstore
7pm to 8pm

Friday, may 6 - 9am
youth week "career day"
selected 6th-8th graders
movie night
  7pm - 9pm

hosted by the memorial school hSA 
Elementary kids
(sunset auditorium)