Borough of Pitman, NJ

Department Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Police Daniel J. McAteer Chief Badge 102
Police Thomas D. Zander Deputy Chief badge 111
Police Jonathan R. Streater Lieutenant Badge 113
Police Andrew Carson Sergeant Badge 114
Police Nicholas Barbetta Detective Sergeant Badge 117 nbarbetta@pitmanpd.or
Police Ernest Parker Corporal Badge 119
Police Marshall Pierson Corporal Badge 120
Police Ken Decker Corporal Badge 121
Police Peter Stefanopoulos PO and SRO Badge 129
Police Justin Baker PO and SRO Badge 130
Police Dominique Khoury PO and SRO Badge 131
Police Tyler Hagan Investigator Badge 132
Police Sebastian Leon Patrol Officer Badge 135
Police Richard Musick Patrol Officer Badge 138
Police Glenn Davis Patrol Officer Badge 140
Police Richard Hermann PO and SRO Badge 141
Police Ryan Fanelli Patrol Officer Badge 139
Police Thomas McEvoy Special Officer Badge 115