Borough of Pitman, NJ

Bulk Trash Collection Information

98b5eb4a6755a268986c7ffa77fd765aBulk Collection is designed for residents that need to discard of household trash that is too large or too much to place into your Borough issued black can.  Collection occurs the 1st FULL WEEK of each month.  Failure to adhere to the rules below may result in your bulk trash not getting picked up. Please refrain from placing bulk items out other than the bulk week.

Acceptable items:

  • Larger items not to exceed 2, such as
    • Beds
    • Sofas
    • Household furniture
  • Bagged items not to exceed 5 bags

Items not acceptable:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Construction Debris and Demolition
  • Wood Fencing
  • Bricks or Concrete
  • Televisions and Electronic Waste

A Permit may be purchased for additional items. Contact the Public Works Dept. before placing items to the curb.  In some cases the Public Works Manager may visit your home to determine the viability of collection. Permit fees start at $100.00. Larger piles may require multiple permits. Determination will be made by the Department of Public Works. Payment for Bulk Trash Permits are to be paid at Borough Hall at 110 South Broadway.

Bulk Trash Permit- 856-589-1040