Borough of Pitman, NJ

Leaf and Brush Collection

Leaf Collection

The Public Works Department offers 2 types of leaf collection services:  In street (limited time) and containerized.  Please see below for detailed information.

  • Containerized Collections allows residents to place bagged (paper only) and open trash containers (homeowner supplied) to the curb on their regularly scheduled trash collection day. (image 1)
  • In Street Collection allows residents to place leaf piles directly into the street for collection.  (image 2)
    • Rake leaves loose to the curb line
    • Leaves should be free of any sticks, rocks, stones, trash, brush and other debris that could damage or clog the Leaf Vacuuming Machines.
    • Please keep leaves at least 10 feet away from storm drains and approx 1 feet from the curb line.
    • Inclement weather affects leaf collection
    • The Borough is not responsible for damage to Basketball Backboards or other obstructions in the street.
    • Collection Schedule below is tentative.  If leaves are not picked up according to the schedule below they will be picked up in the order left.
      • Spring Collection Begins Mid April thru Mid May
      • Fall Collection begins Mid October and continues thru Mid December
  • Leaves can also be dropped of at our Public Works Yard for disposal.  Please stop in the office before unloading.

Brush Collection

  • Brush is picked up weekly on your regularly scheduled trash day.
  • NO stumps or root balls
  • No Logs larger than 6 inches in diameter
  • Brush is to be cut into 4ft lengths or shorter and tied or placed neatly at the curb and in piles no bigger than 4 x 4 and in containers no heavier than 50lbs.
  • You can also put brush in paper contractor bags, no plastic bags.
  • Please do not throw the pots and holders for plants in with the brush or any other material.
  • Truck drop off program.  We can drop a truck off at your house overnight or for the weekend.  Load up yard debris ONLY!   We prefer the truck be parked in your driveway.  Off driveway parking may require you to sign a release in case damage occurs to ground. 
  • Brush can also be brought down to our Public Works yard for disposal.  Please stop at the office before unloading.

Truck Drop Off - Self Load

e3d6f5d856c170209b26e4dce10cfbbeThe Pitman Public Works Department offers a Dump Truck Drop Off program.  This allows residents to schedule a truck to be dropped off at their property to self load yard debris items only.  This is sometimes more convenient than placing to the curb because items generally do not have to be cut up as per the curbside requirements.  We do not offer this program for bulk trash or any other purpose.

We allow branches, leaves and grass, basically anything naturally growing in your yard.

We will not accept larger than 6 inch diameter logs and root balls with dirt, concrete, construction lumber etc..... 

Request a truck by clicking the "Truck Drop off Request Form" link to the right or just give us a call at 856-589-1040.

Truck Drop off Request Form