Borough of Pitman, NJ

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  1. Leaf Mulch,  this mulch is comprised of leaves that have been ground once and have decomposed slightly that makes a nice soil enhancer.
  2. Composted Wood Mulch,  this is primarily branches ground in our chipper (ground with some leaves), piled in rows and slightly decomposed.  Dark in color and also good around flower, gardens, and shrubs.
  3. Freshly Ground Wood Mulch, this is our freshest ground wood product.  It is lighter in color than our composted products.  Is also good around gardens and shrubs. (has not been composted)

At the Pitman Public Works Facility we manufacturer natural leaf and wood mulch.  The process begins when residents place leaves and brush curbside for collection.  Once it is collected the material is brought back to our grinding area of our yard.  Leaves are piled in rows that eventually break down into compost.  Brush is processed through a drum chipper, piled in rows where it will decompose into dark natural mulch.

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