Borough of Pitman, NJ

Senior Outreach Committee

For More information please email

  • Don Forman
  • Debra Higbee
  • Sharon Furgason
  • Michele Matthews
  • Lucille Petrillo
  • Jim Naphas
  • Marcie Geyer
  • Amy Rudley                 

Below are some links to information for our seniors such as online games, web tours and other entertainment.

Here are two links to the National Institute on Aging with information about exercise; as well as, workout videos for seniors

  • How exercise helps (Click Here)
  • Workout videos (Click Here)
  • A link to NPR featuring a live orchestra from the Berklee College of Music singing “Love Sweet Love” (Click Here)
  • Online Jigsaw Puzzles (Click Here)
  • The Library of Congress digital collections (Click Here)