Borough of Pitman, NJ


R-01-23 Appointing Council President
R-02-23 Temp Budget
R-03-23 Appointing Solicitor
R-04-23 Appointing an Auditor
R-05-23 Appointing an Engineer
R-06-23 Appointing Bond Counsel
R-07-23 Appointing Bankruptcy Counsel
R-08-23 Appointing Tax Map Maintenance Professional
R-09-23 Meeting Dates
R-10-23 Establishing Newspapers
R-10A-23 Establishing 2nd Newspaper
R-11-23 Cash Management Plan
R-12-23 Petty Cash Fund
R-13-23 Interest on Delinquent Taxes
R-14-23 Tax Delinquent Amounts less than $10
R-15-23 Conduct an Electronic Tax Lien Sale
R-16-23 Appointing Fund Commissioner
R-17-23 Appointing Alt Fund Commissioner
R-18-23 Reappointing Ryan Fanelli
R-19-23 Appointing McCafferty as PACO
R-20-23 Appointing Zoning Officer
R-21-23 Appointing Risk Management Consultant
R-22-23 Appointing a Planner
R-23-23 Appointing Redevelopment Counsel
R-24-23 Appointing a Conflict Engineer
R-25-23 Appointing Opra Attorney
R-26-23 Mayoral Appointments
R-27-23 Mayoral Appointments
R-28-23 Appointments to Boards & Commissions
R-29-23 Assignments for Council Members
R-30-23 Appointing Labor Counsel
R-31-23 Transfer of OEM Car to Fire Dept
R-32-23 Awarding Contract for floor at Pitman Fire Co. No. 1
R-33-23 2020 CDBG Pitman Grove Auditorium
R-34-23 Use of Sick Time - O'Donnell
R-35-23 Water Credit - 154-156 S Broadway
R-36-23 Authorizing Release of Maintenance Guarantee
R-37-23 Appoint Jennifer Totra to Environmental
R-38-23 Outdoor Eating - Mannino's Cucina Italiana
R-39-23 Outdoor Eating - Pizzeria Mannino's
R-40-23 Outdoor Eating - Milkweed
R-41-23 Outdoor Eating - Alaura Kitchen
R-42-23 Outdoor Eating - Endgrain
R-43-23 Outdoor Eating - Lucia's Cafe
R-44-23 Form1B Municipal Alliance
R-45-23 signed Title Search B219 L5
R-46-23 Outdoor Eating - Merrymans Pub
R-47-23 Outdoor Eating - Crave
R-48-23 Outdoor Eating - Sweet Lula's
R-49-23 Outdoor Eating - Coco's Cocina
R-50-23 Awarding Advertising Space
R-51-23 2022 Reserve Budget Transfers
R-52-23 Appoint Mark Cama - Library Board
R-53-23 Hiring Police Officer - Richard Musick
R-54-23 Closed Meeting
R-55-23 Sewer Credit - 103 First Avenue
R-56-23 Towing Contracts
R-57-23 Movie Night with the County
R-58-23 2023 TRICO JIF Safety Contract
R-59-23 Fralinger Engineering - Alcyon Lake Dam
R-60-23 Use of Sick Time - Yurick
R-61-23 Refund of Taxes - 147 Grandview Ave
R-62-23 Refund of Recording Fees - 151 Cedar Ave
R-63-23 Hiring Part-Time Fire Inspector - Carter III
R-64-23 Hiring Part-Time Fire Inspector - Kranz
R-65-23 Closed Meeting
R-66-23 2023 NJDOT Reconstruction of Vassar, Roosevelt, McKinley
R-67-23 Awarding Contract - Tennis Courts