Borough of Pitman, NJ


R-01-24 Appointing Council President
R-02-24 Adopting the Temporary Budget
R-03-24 Appointing a Solicitor
R-04-24 Appointing an Auditor
R-05-24 Appointing an Engineer
R-06-24 Appointing a Bond Counsel
R-07-24 Appointing a Tax Map Maintenance Professional
R-08-24 Appointing Labor Counsel
R-09-24 Establishing Meeting Dates
R-09A-24 Meeting Dates - Corrected
R-10-24 Establishing Official Newspapers
R-11-24 Authorizing a Cash Management Plan
R-12-24 Establishing a Petty Cash Fund
R-13-24 Change in Petty Cash Custodian - Clerk's Office
R-14-24 Change in Petty Cash Custodian - Library
R-15-24 Amending the Change Fund
R-16-24 Establishing Interest on Delinquent Taxes
R-17-24 Cancellation of Tax Overpayments or Delinquent Amounts Less than $10.00
R-18-24 Authorizing the Tax Collector and CFO to Conduct an Electronic Tax Sale
R-19-24 Appointing a Fund Commissioner
R-20-24 Appointing an Alternate Fund Commissioner
R-21-24 Reappointing SLEO Officers McEvoy & Fanelli
R-22-24 Appointing a PACO
R-23-24 Appointing a Zoning Officer
R-24-24 Appointing A Risk Management Consultant
R-25-24 Appointing a Planner
R-26-24 Appointing a Redevelopment Counsel
R-27-24 Appointing a Conflict Engineer
R-28-24 Appointing an OPRA Attorney
R-29-24 Appointments to Specific Admin Positions
R-30-24 Appointments to Specific Board & Commissions
R-30A-24 Appt Commissions, Committees, & Boards - Revised
R-31-24 Appointing Mayoral Assignments for Council Members
R-32-24 Approving an Outdoor Eating Facility - Alaura Kitchen
R-33-24 Approving an Outdoor Eating Facility with BYO Addendum - Lucia's Cafe
R-34-24 Approving an Outdoor Eating Facility with BYO Addendum- Mannino Cucina
R-35-24 Approving an Outdoor Eating Facility - Merryman's Pub
R-36-24 Authorizing the Refund of Overbill of 5 Year Tax Exemption
R-37-24 Authorizing 2023 Budget Transfers
R-38-24 Awarding Contract For 2021 CDBG - ADA Improvements
R-39-24 Approving the Refund of PZ Escrow Balance - 624 McKinley Ave
R-40-24 Approving the Refund of PZ Escrow Balance - 130 N Woodbury Ave
R-41-24 Approving the Refund of PZ Escrow Balance - 125 Pitman Ave
R-42-24 Authorizing the Cancellation of PZ Escrow Balances
R-43-24 Appointing a PZ Attorney
R-44-24 Appointing a PZ Engineer
R-45-24 Appointing a PZ Planner
R-46-24 Refund Recording Fees 176.05-6
R-47-24 Transfer 2023 to 2024 Real Estate Taxes Credit
R-48-24 Refund PZ Escrow Balance-601 W Holly Ave
R-49-24 Approving HOA Agreement with Holy Glen
R-50-24 Approving Removal of Deed Restriction 123 Second Ave
R-52-24 Release of Performance Bond
R-53-24 Tire Disposal
R-54-24 Return of Escrow
R-55-24 Refund Pet License Fee
R-56-24 Firefighter Cert. Program
R-57-24 Budget Transfer
R-58-24 Refund of Taxes (CoreLogic)
R-59-24 Refund of Taxes (Wells Fargo)
R-60-24 Outdoor Seating (Endgrain)
R-61-24 Outdoor Seating with BYO (Milkweed)
R-62-24 Outdoor Seating with BYO (Pizzeria Mannino's)
R-63-24 Pitman Sign
R-64 Refund PZ Escrow Balance-145 Cyrus Ave
R-65 Refund PZ Escrow Balance-227 N Broadway
R-66 Release of Maintenance Guarantee-129 Colonial Ave
R-67 Welcome to Pitman Sign
R-68 Volunteer Firefighter Tuition Credit Program
R-69 Authorizing Shared Services Agreement with County (Movie Night)
R-70 Authorizing Closed Session
R-71 Appointing Ryan Fanelli as FT Patrolman
R-72 Authorizing Hiring of SLEO Officers Class II
R-73 Emergency Temporary Budget 2024
R-73 Emergency Temporary Budget 2024 (Attachment)
R-74 Appointing Local Registrar
R-75 Appointing Deputy Registrar
R-76 Appointing Alexis Johnston-Environmental Commission
R-77 Awarding Contract for ADA Improvements to Charles Marandino, LLC (East Holly Ave & Linden Ave)
R-78 Refund CoreLogic exempt
R-79 Refund Overpayment 211 State Program
R-80 Fireman's Association Membership-Loudner
R-81 Cancel PZ Escrow Balances-APRIL
R-82 Refund PZ Escrow Balance-610 Pitman Ave
R-83 Release of Maintenance Guarantee-218 Embury Ave
R-84 Outdoor Seating Permit Crave
R-85 Outdoor Seating Permit Crazy Kat
R-86 Authorizing Closed Session
R-87 Dedication By Rider Disposal of Forfeited Property
R-88 Dedication By Rider Water Utility Revitalization
R-89 Dedication By Rider Unemployment Compensation Insurance
R-90 Hiring Jonathan Campbell to W-S Dept
R-91 Appointing Jonathan Campbell Highway Dept
R-92 Appointing Jesse Long Highway Dept
R-93 Appointing Nina Anderson Highway Dept
R-94 Public Auction Resolution
R-94A Public Auction DATE CHANGED Resolution
R-95 Refund PZ Escrow Balance-67 Arbutus Ave
R-96 Refund PZ Escrow Balance-818 S Broadway
R-97 Canceling PZ Escrow Balances
R-98 Authorizing 2024 CDBG Grant Application
R-99 Emergency Temporary Budget 2024
R-99 Emergency Temporary Budget 2024 (Attachment)
R-100 CoreLogic exemptA
R-101 Canceling PZ Escrow Balance
R-102 Refunding PZ Escrow Balances
R-103 Releasing Performance Guarantee-57 S Broadway
R-104 Releasing Performance Guarantee-Chapman Landscaping
R-105 Fireworks Display 2024
R-106 Authorize Service Agreement with GCUA


R-01-23 Appointing Council President
R-02-23 Temp Budget
R-03-23 Appointing Solicitor
R-04-23 Appointing an Auditor
R-05-23 Appointing an Engineer
R-06-23 Appointing Bond Counsel
R-07-23 Appointing Bankruptcy Counsel
R-08-23 Appointing Tax Map Maintenance Professional
R-09-23 Meeting Dates
R-10-23 Establishing Newspapers
R-10A-23 Establish Newspapers
R-11-23 Cash Management Plan
R-12-23 Petty Cash Fund
R-13-23 Interest on Delinquent Taxes
R-14-23 Tax Delinquent Amounts less than $10
R-15-23 Conduct an Electronic Tax Lien Sale
R-16-23 Appointing Fund Commissioner
R-17-23 Appointing Alt Fund Commissioner
R-18-23 Reappointing Ryan Fanelli
R-19-23 Appointing a PACO
R-20-23 Appointing Zoning Officer
R-21-23 Appointing Risk Management Consultant
R-22-23 Appointing a Planner
R-23-23 Appointing Redevelopment Counsel
R-24-23 Appointing a Conflict Engineer
R-25-23 Appointing OPRA Attorney
R-26-23 Administrative Appointments
R-27-23 Mayoral Appointments
R-28-23 Appointments to Boards & Commissions
R-29-23 Assignments for Council Members
R-30-23 Appointing Labor Counsel
R-31-23 Transfer of OEM Car to Fire Dept
R-32-23 Awarding Contract for floor at Pitman Fire Co. No. 1
R-33-23 2020 CDBG Pitman Grove Auditorium
R-34-23 Use of Sick Time - O'Donnell
R-35-23 Water Credit - 154-156 S Broadway
R-36-23 Authorizing Release of Maintenance Guarantee
R-37-23 Appoint Jennifer Totra to Environmental
R-38-23 Outdoor Eating - Mannino's Cucina Italiana
R-39-23 Outdoor Eating - Pizzeria Mannino's
R-40-23 Outdoor Eating - Milkweed
R-41-23 Outdoor Eating - Alaura Kitchen
R-42-23 Outdoor Eating - Endgrain
R-43-23 Outdoor Eating - Lucia's Cafe
R-44-23 Form1B Municipal Alliance
R-45-23 signed Title Search B219 L5
R-46-23 Outdoor Eating - Merrymans Pub
R-47-23 Outdoor Eating - Crave
R-48-23 Outdoor Eating - Sweet Lula's
R-49-23 Outdoor Eating - Coco's Cocina
R-50-23 Awarding Advertising Space
R-51-23 2022 Reserve Budget Transfers
R-52-23 Appoint Mark Cama - Library Board
R-53-23 Hiring Police Officer - Richard Musick
R-54-23 Closed Meeting
R-55-23 Sewer Credit - 103 First Avenue
R-56-23 Towing Contracts
R-57-23 Movie Night with the County
R-58-23 2023 TRICO JIF Safety Contract
R-59-23 Fralinger Engineering - Alcyon Lake Dam
R-60-23 Use of Sick Time - Yurick
R-61-23 Refund of Taxes - 147 Grandview Ave
R-62-23 Refund of Recording Fees - 151 Cedar Ave
R-63-23 Hiring Part-Time Fire Inspector - Carter III
R-64-23 Hiring Part-Time Fire Inspector - Kranz
R-65-23 Closed Meeting
R-66-23 2023 NJDOT Reconstruction of Vassar, Roosevelt, McKinley
R-67-23 Awarding Contract - Tennis Courts
R-68-23 Designating Earth and Arbor Day
R-69-23 Refund Tax Sale Certificate
R-70-23 Refund Tax Appeal B176 L8
R-71-23 Closed Meeting
R-72-23 Appointing Accounts Payable/Payroll Clerk
R-73-23 Appointing Fire Sub-Code Official, Fire Inspector
R-74-23 Re-appointing Electrical Sub-Code Official, Electrical Inspector
R-75-23 Re-appointing Construction Official, Building Sub-Code Official, Building Inspector
R-76-23 Approving a new Hourly Rate - Fire Safety Inspector
R-77-23 Hiring Library PT - Anderson
R-78-23 Authorizing a Credit - 103 First Avenue
R-79-23 Self-Examination of Budget
R-80-23 Authorizing the 2023 Municipal Budget to be Read by Title Only
R-81-23 Authorizing the Entry of Municipal Lien on Block 218, Lot 1
R-82-23 Amending R-225-22 to Correct the Assignment of a Tax Sale Certificate
R-83-23 Refunding Taxes
R-84-23 Refunding Zoning Permit
R-85-23 Approving & Submitting LTPF Grant
R-86-23 Awarding Contract for Fireworks
R-87-23 Renewal Liquor License - Advance Pitman Investment
R-88-23 Renewal Liquor License - Merryman's Pub
R-89-23 Return of Escrow
R-90-23 Extension of Chicken Advisory Board
R-91-23 Promoting Streater to Lt.
R-92-23 Promoting Barbetta to Det. Sgt.
R-93-23 Refund Tax Sale Certificate Foreclosure Fees
R-94-23 Authorizing a Closed Meeting
R-95-23 ANJEC 2023 Open Stewardship Project
R-96-23 NJDEP Stormwater Assistance Grant Program

R-97-23 2023 DOT State Aid Program - Boundry Rd
R-98-23 Purchase of Electricity Supply Services
R-99-23 FY2020 CDBG ADA Improvements at Pitman Grove Auditorium
R-100-23 Approving Change Order No 1 Think Pavers
R-101-23 Approving Change Order #1 (Final) Landberg Construction
R-102-23 Authorizing an Application to NJDOT for Mansfield Ave
R-103-23 Hiring Deputy Clerk
R-104-23 2021 CDBG-ADA Improvements
R-105-23 Authorizing a Closed Meeting
R-106-23 Salary Increases
R-107-23 Extending the Grace Period for 3rd Quarter Taxes
R-108-23 Authorizing the 2023 RTC Trail Grants Application
R-109-23 Total Disabled Veteran
R-110-23 2023 Safe and Secure Communities Program
R-111-23 Transfer of 2022 to 2023 Tax Credit
R-112-23 Refund of Overbills of Taxes
R-113-23 Refund of Overbills of Taxes
R-114-23 Authorizing an Emergency Appropriation
R-115-23 Authorizing an Emergency Appropriation
R-116-23 Shared Services with the Pitman School District for an SRO
R-117-23 Hiring Sean McHale to the Water Sewer Department
R-118-23 Property Maintenance for 429 Crafton Avenue
R-119-23 Commodity Resale Agreement with the County of Gloucester
R-120-23 Municipal Alliance
R-120A-23 Municipal Alliance Revised
R-121-23 Refunding Taxes
R-123-23 Renewing SNJREBF
R-124-23 Appointing a Clean Communities Coordinator - Rodi
R-125-23 Appointing an Asst. to the Clean Communities Coordinator - Cockrill
R-126-23 Use of Sick Time - Weaver
R-127-23 Appointing S. Bohl to Construction Clerk, Fire Safety Secretary, BOH Secretary
R-128-23 Authorizing a Credit - 327 E Holly Ave
R-129-23 Insertion of Special Revenue Item - TRICO JIF Safety Incentive Funds
R-130-23 Insertion of Special Revenue Item - NJ Transportation Trust Fund
R-131-23 Hiring Glenn Davis, FT Police Officer
R-132-23 Hiring Richard Herrmann, FT Police Officer
R-133-23 Suspend Vacant & Abandoned Property Fees
R-134-23 On-Line Auction of Surplus Property
R-135-23 Approving Payment No 2 - Think Pavers Hardscaping
R-136-23 Approving Change Order No 1 Final (Revised) Landberg Construction
R-137-23 Authorizing a Closed Meeting
R-138-23 Celebration of Halloween
R-139-23 Hiring PT CFO Colette Bachich
R-140-23 Refund of Recording Fees - 42 N Fernwood
R-141-23 Canceling Outstanding Checks - Salary
R-142-23 Canceling Outstanding Checks - Water Sewer
R-143-23 Canceling Outstanding Checks - Current
R-144-23 Canceling Capital Appropriations Balances of Completed Projects
R-145-23 Insertion of Special Revenue Item - ANJEC Open Space Stewardship Grant
R-146-23 Annual Audit
R-147-23 Property Maintenance - 457 Wesley Ave
R-148-23 Authorizing a Closed Meeting
R-149-23 Authorizing to Print a Duplicate Tax Sale Certificate - 309-315 Lake Ave
R-150-23 Total Disabled Veteran - 431 Florence Ave
R-151-23 Social Affair Permit - 2023 Butter Ball - Highland Chemical
R-152-23 Best Practices 2023
R-153-23 Authorizing a Closed Meeting
R-154-23 Appointing Francesca Mundrick to Sustainable Pitman
R-155-23 Appointing Environmental Counsel
R-156-23 Hiring Water Sewer Clerk - Alicia K
R-157-23 Adopting Personnel Policies and Procedures
R-158-23 Affirming the Civil Rights Policy
R-159-23 Authorizing the Planning Zoning Board to Conduct a Prelim Investigation to Establish a Non-Condemnation Redevelopment Area
R-160-23 Authorizing the Transfer of 2023 Real Estate Tax Credits to 2024
R-161-23 Authorizing the Refund of the Cost for a Sewer Main Blockage - 603 South Broadway
R-162-23 Authorizing to Enter into a Cooperative Pricing System
R-163-23 Authorizing the Transfer of a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria From the Police to the Fire Company
R-165-23 Approval to Submit and Execute a Grant Application for the American Rescue Plan Firefighter Grant 2024
R-166-23 Authorizing 2023 Budget Transfers
R-167-23 Authorizing an Emergency Appropriation - Well 4
R-168-23 Authorizing a Closed Meeting
R-169-23 Approving Contract Deputy Chief
R-170-23 Approving Contract for Lieutenant