Borough of Pitman, NJ

How to Report a Crime

Contact the Pitman Police Department as soon as you discover a crime has been committed, or if a crime is in the process of being committed. Whenever you observe suspicious activity or events - even though you may not be the only person observing them - please report the incident immediately to the Pitman Police Department.  In an Emergency, dial 911;  non-emergency, to speak with an officer, please call the Department at (856) 589-3501 between the hours of 8am-4pm. Between the hours of 4pm-8am, please call (856) 589-3500.

Call immediately, otherwise valuable Police response time could be lost.  You will be asked for your name, address and telephone number.   This information is requested in case additional information is needed.  You can request to remain anonymous from the completed report, but for the initial call please provide a name and telephone number.

Remember to communicate what happened, where it happened and whether anyone is injured.  Provide any names and physical descriptions including facial features, clothing, an estimate of age, height and weight.  If a vehicle is involved, provide a description including color, make, model and license plate number and state of registration. (Ex. New Jersey, Pennsylvania)
Be alert and observant.  Features and physical descriptions assist responding officers with the arrest and conviction of criminals.